Think Awareness, Think Oxymed!


OXYMED FOUNDATION is a non profitable organization from the unit of Oxymed Hospital which aims to create awareness on health, rehabilitation and an enhanced lifestyle. We serve to make a difference and to form a healthier population.


* I will be moderate and consistent on eating and exercise patterns to help me live a healthy life
*I will take care to control stress by controlling my emotions
* I will acquire the right knowledge and share it through social activity to benefit society


As the word speaks the foundation of this organisation rests on four pillars.
* Spirituality
* Knowledge
* Health
* Rehabilitation

Oxymed foundation aims at Happiness. Health is one vital aspect of Good health

Oxymed foundation warmly welcomes new members. Get in touch with us on time, to develop the community.
The main objective of our foundation is to create awareness about better treatment options available in the healthcare sector. Treatments that can treat illnesses without Surgery.
We foster state-of-the-art healthcare facilities to the impoverished at unbelievable prices, including highly modernized labs, IP, ICU, expert doctors and dietary sections.

We create awareness through....

  • Digital presentations (PPT).
  • Learning through fun health games.
  • Road shows promotions.
  • Monthly Interactive session.
  • Through expect interview to Television.
  • Awareness to Health.
  • Access to Health.
  • Care for health.
  • Access to Care.
  • Sustainable Health Programs.
  • Building Skils & Knowledge.